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28.-Paraíso Perdido Oleo_Tela  -140 x 160cm- 2006.jpg

Paraíso Perdido

Oil on canvas

140 x 160cm


The Sculpture Complex "Las Palomas"

The sculpture complex “Las Palomas” located in El Palomar Park is a landmark in the city of Chihuahua.

They are works of art created by the plastic artist Fermín and are composed of three gigantic sculptures with a very peculiar shape of doves in different postures, Erguida, Curuca and Alas Abiertas.

Each dove has hands designed on its Wings, some open as it says in the biblical scripture for Giving and another with its Wings closed is receiving, the third one that is scratching under the Wing has both shapes, one hand open and one closed, reminding us of the connotation of Giving and receiving being the doves of Peace and between their Wings, the hands that you give and receive the love, peace and harmony of flight.

The Palomar Park was created as a large linear park for the city of Chihuahua where thousands of white and gray pigeons reside there for various periods of the year.

Plastic Artist .

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