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He received us in his studio located in the historic center of the city. The white walls and high ceilings let in incredible light that filled the space and illuminated the artist's works scattered around the room. Fermín Gutiérrez, renowned artist from Parral, his successful career as an architect, plastic artist and citizen of the state and culture, which saw him grow, has earned him both a national and international reputation and a place in the world. Talking to Fermín is immediately realizing that being an artist is a vocation. He spoke to us in a very entertaining way about what it means to be an artist, his passion for creativity. He shared his vision with us and spread the hope that he has in this land and in its people.

Fermín, who has dedicated the last 25 years to the arts, told us about his career.


“I have dedicated myself professionally to the arts for the last few years. My training is in architecture; I have participated in urban development projects, housing, public buildings. I have dedicated myself to the arts, to teaching, and I have joined groups of artists in the national context. “I belong to a generation of artists that has manifested itself in recent years in a very significant way.”


“Art comes to you by mandate, it is not a matter of one making the decision to be an artist. In the world of imagination one has to create oneself and let oneself go. I think that people who dedicate themselves to art must have a thought of freedom. Completely in harmony with its environment, with life itself. Have the capacity for wonder and feel emotion. “Art is emotional.”


Is the artist born or made?


“I don't know if an artist is born or not, what I know is that an artist at a given moment receives the order to be one. He comes from another context on another level. The characters, shapes, lines that somehow belong to a secret and hidden language, that the artist when creating them crosses the borders of the imagination and attracts them to this reality. Human beings tend to see from their eyes outward, but they do not often see from their eyes inward, this is precisely one of the conditions for creating art."

For Fermín Gutiérrez, the arts have a very important role in education; he tells us that the arts can lead us to better understand mathematics. For example, one of the most powerful and attractive arts for children is music. “Music expands through space, it dynamically sensitizes us and helps us understand the world, respect nature and gives us an inner space. “Music makes us come into ourselves.”

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