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Mario Licón

The act of creation is a tightrope stretched “On the edge of desire, it is twelve.” The rope will be tightened with each step of each project carried out. In this process of routes, Fermín traces long and high jumps. We see him go through a long night of figures and textures and we see him return convinced that “the mystery will never be exhausted.”


The external chaos produces the internal restlessness, which when transferred to the plane of transgressions becomes the act – an image that affirms the existence of the passions and obsessions of the work of Fermín, who, taking “flights over the fire and with pigments in hand, he creates situations where the characters emerge in whirlwinds from the depths of the earth, and then begin a journey through the constellations.”


It is life that beats in the dreams that Fermín brings to canvas and cardboard; knots of elastically stripped bodies, windows through which the sky mixes with the earth, thus creating a rotating horizon of signs and symbols. Life pulsates in this infinite of veils and analogies; landscapes – passages, pubes – clouds, breasts – moons, fingers – phalluses, bellies – plains, looks – footprints – hands, thighs, stairs – wings, earth – sky and vice versa. Eternal return – perpetual obsession.

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